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Late 2015-Early 2016(?) versus 2018! I’m really happy about my improvement and I want to show others the marvelous aftermaths if you keep on drawing. Always continue to improve!

still can’t draw hands though

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“a singular scuit. just one.
an edible cracker with just one side. mathematically impossible and yet here I am...






badgerof shambles:

a singular scuit. just one. 

an edible cracker with just one side. mathematically impossible and yet here I am monching on it.

‘scuit’ comes from the french word for ‘bake’, ‘cuire’ as bastardized by adoption by the brittish and a few hundred years

‘biscuit’ meant ‘twice-baked’, originally meaning items like hardtack which were double baked to dry them as a preservative measure long before things like sugar and butter were introduced. if you see a historical doccument use the word ‘biscuit’ do not be fooled to think ‘being a pirate mustve been pretty cool, they ate nothing but cookies’ - they were made of misery to last long enough to be used in museum displays or as paving stones


‘triscuit’ is toasted after the normal biscuit process, thrice baked

thus the monoscuit is a cookie thats soft and chewy because it was only baked once, not twice


behold the monoscuit/scuit

Why is this called a biscuit:


when brittish colonists settled in the americas they no longer had to preserve biscuits for storage or sea voyages so instead baked them once and left them soft, often with buttermilk or whey to convert cheap staples/byproducts into filling items to bulk out the meal to make a small amount of greasy meat feed a whole family. consider ing hardtack biscuits were typically eaten by dipping them in grease or gravy untill they became soft enough to eat without breaking a tooth this was a pretty short leap of ‘just dont make them rock hard if im not baking for the army’ but didnt drop the name because its been used for centuries and people forgot its french for ‘twice baked’ back in the tudor era, biscuit was just a lump of cooked dough that wasnt leavened bread as far as they cared

thus the buttermilk biscuit and the hardtack biscuit existed at the same time. ‘cookies’ then came to america via german and dutch immigrants as tiny cakes made with butter, sugar/molasses, and eggs before ‘tea biscuits’ as england knew them due to the new availability of cheap sugar- which is why ‘biscuit’ and ‘cookie’ are separate items in america but the same item in the UK

the evolution of the biscuit has forks on its family tree

I love it when a shitpost turns into an actually interesting post.

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Imagine: Humans accidentally insulting aliens using common idioms that don’t make sense when you don’t know they’re figures of speech

Human: Penny for your thoughts?

Alien: You taught me about currency, have I forgotten the value of “penny”? Do you really think my thougts are worth so little? I thought you liked conversing with me!

Human: Wait, hold on

Human: We can kill two birds with one stone if we-

Alien: I’ve told you time and again my people are primarily pacifists, and herbivorous regardless. Why would you suggest such an activity?

Human: No, wait, it was just a-

Alien: I will have no part of it, and this nonsequitor is irrelevant to our conversation. Please strike birds on your own time.

&md ash;

Human: So is there a method to your madness here?

Alien: *offended* Are you questioning my sanity?

Human: I was just-

Alien: Because that’s difficult to take from a being with the IQ of a gleesnork.

Human: I don’t know what that is but fuck you too

Human 1: *talking to someone about alien, sees alien approaching* Ah, speak of the devil and he shall appear!

Alien: *hurt* I thought… you liked my company?

Human 2: …what?

Human 1: *realizing* OH WAIT NO I’M SORRY

Human: See you later, alligator!

Reptilian alien: How fucking dare you


August 5 2018 - Hundreds of LGBTQ+ civil rights activists protested against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, in what may have been the largest LGBTQ+ rights demonstration in Japan ever, after far-right politician Mio Sugita of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party wrote an article called “Support for LGBTs has gone too far”, featuring such opinions as “ Will people agree to have their taxes used on LGBT couples? They cannot have children, so they are unproductive”. [video]/[article]



spider-man is such an enduring presence in video games.

like, the spider-man games don’t share a single continuity, but you can see a progression of evolution in their gameplay with each installment. i don’t think any other comic book superhero character can say the same.